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Malware Top10:
Mon, 08 Dec    Low    TSPY_POSLUSY.A
Wed, 03 Dec    Low    BKDR_WIPALL.A
Tue, 25 Nov    Low    TROJ_REGIN.SM
Mon, 24 Nov    Low    TROJ_REGIN.A
Fri, 21 Nov    Low    TROJ_CRYPAURA.A
Wed, 19 Nov    Low    TROJ_POWELIKS.B
Fri, 14 Nov    Low    BKDR_EMDIVI.LEW
Mon, 10 Nov    Low    IOS_WIRELURKER.A
Fri, 07 Nov    Low    TROJ_WIRELURK.A
Fri, 07 Nov    Low    OSX_WIRELURK.A

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
22 Dec 2014     Troj/Agent-AKWE
22 Dec 2014     Troj/Agent-AKSH
22 Dec 2014     Troj/Agent-AKSF
22 Dec 2014     Troj/Zbot-JJC
22 Dec 2014     Troj/Zbot-JJB
21 Dec 2014     Troj/Inject-BIG
21 Dec 2014     Troj/Ransom-APD
21 Dec 2014     Troj/MSIL-BGA
21 Dec 2014     Troj/Dwnldr-MCX
21 Dec 2014     Troj/Agent-AKWD

Latest Adware and PUA:
21 Dec 2014     MultiPlug
20 Dec 2014     EoRezo Adware
19 Dec 2014     Invisible Browser
19 Dec 2014     Android Dowgin
18 Dec 2014     OutBrowse Revenyou
18 Dec 2014     Browse Fox
18 Dec 2014     InstallCore ToDownload
18 Dec 2014     Android Riskware SmsReg
17 Dec 2014     Silent Installer
17 Dec 2014     Android Exploit SignatureBypass

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Latest 10 Threats:
Thu, 18 Dec       Trojan.Expilan
Sat, 20 Dec       BBOS.Lastacloud
Sat, 20 Dec       Bloodhound.Flash.29
Thu, 18 Dec       Android.Geplook
Thu, 18 Dec       Trojan.Carberp.C
Thu, 18 Dec       Trojan.Badabro
Tue, 16 Dec       Trojan.Carberp.B!gm
Tue, 16 Dec       Packed.Generic.471
Mon, 15 Dec       Trojan.Ransomcrypt.O
Mon, 15 Dec       Android.Smsstealer

Latest 10 Risks:
Thu, 18 Dec       Adware.SlickSavings
Thu, 18 Dec       ReimageRepair
Tue, 16 Dec       PUA.Gen.4
Wed, 10 Dec       ProPCCleaner
Wed, 10 Dec       CommunityToolbar
Wed, 10 Dec       PCSpeedClean
Wed, 10 Dec       Adware.GeniusBox
Wed, 10 Dec       Softonic
Wed, 10 Dec       DriverSupport
Wed, 10 Dec       YouTubeDownGTApp

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Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA? (The Register)
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'The Interview' Torrent Might Be Available If The Pirate Bay Website Still Existed (Forbes)
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More nuke files posted as prosecutors intensify hunt-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily (Reddit)
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Obama Says Sony Hack Was Not 'An Act of War' (SecurityWeek)
Now Obama seeks China's help to halt alleged Nork HACK ATTACKS (The Register)
Final 'Hobbit' film draws holiday season crowds at box office (Yahoo Security)

The Register - Security

Now Obama seeks China's help to halt alleged Nork HACK ATTACKS (21 December 2014)
Norks: FBI's Sony Pictures' hacking allegations are 'groundless slander' (20 December 2014)
Heads up! If Tor VANISHES over the weekend, this is why (20 December 2014)
Staples comes clean: 1+ million bank cards at risk after hack (19 December 2014)
ICANN: The TRUTH about that hacker attack on our DNS zone file database (19 December 2014)
Sony Pictures hack is Hollywood's 'Snowden moment' say infosec bods (19 December 2014)
Feds finger Norks in Sony hack, Obama asks: HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE KOREA? (19 December 2014)
Welsh council rapped for covert spying on sick leave worker (19 December 2014)
Linux 'GRINCH' vuln is AWFUL. Except, er, maybe it isn't (19 December 2014)
Webcam-snooping spawn of ZeuS hits 150 banks worldwide (19 December 2014)
Armouring up online: Duncan Campbell's chief techie talks crypto with El Reg (19 December 2014)
Git thee behind me, Git crit security bug! (19 December 2014)
Movie industry's evil plan to destroy the internet is going precisely nowhere (19 December 2014)
Hack hijacks electric skateboards, dumps hipsters in the gutter (19 December 2014)
Kiwi hacker 'menace' pops home detention tracker cuffs (19 December 2014)
New fear: ISIS killers use 'digital AK-47' malware to hunt victims (18 December 2014)
Misfortune Cookie crumbles router security: '12 MILLION+' in hijack risk (18 December 2014)
Security SEE-SAW: $3 MEEELLION needed to fight a $100k hack (18 December 2014)
CoolReaper pre-installed malware creates backdoor on Chinese Androids (18 December 2014)
TorrentLocker ransomware pestilence plagues Europe, bags $500k (18 December 2014)

Cheap Black Friday/Cyber Monday Android tablets riddled with vulnerabilities and security headaches (20 Dec 14)
?Serious NTP security holes have appeared and are being exploited (19 Dec 14)
Staples: 1.16 million cards possibly vulnerable in data attack (19 Dec 14)
Sony hack: How cybercrime just got even more complicated (19 Dec 14)
Sony debacle shows how not to handle a hack (19 Dec 14)
FBI says North Korea is 'responsible' for Sony hack, as White House mulls response (19 Dec 14)
Unmanaged WordPress not usually worth the risk or trouble (19 Dec 14)
Zero Day Weekly: ICANN hacked, critical GitHub vuln, too much Sony drama (19 Dec 14)
ZeuS variant strikes 150 banks worldwide (19 Dec 14)
2015 security predictions: IoT attacks to join cloud breaches and ransomware (19 Dec 14)
Note to data-retention law makers: The internet is not a telephone (19 Dec 14)
Sony attacks launched inside North Korea, routed via Taiwan: Report (19 Dec 14)
NY bank regulator's cybersecurity plan has strong authentication, identity (18 Dec 14)
The 12 scams of Christmas (18 Dec 14)
2014 in review: The biggest tech stories of the year (18 Dec 14)
?Google nudges 'End-to-End' encryption alpha forward with Yahoo ideas (18 Dec 14)
Hackers rejoice: Sony pulls Korea film, bows to criminal pressure (18 Dec 14)
Business interrupted: Telstra reveals Australia's security breach impact (18 Dec 14)
Sony attack linked to North Korea, theaters bail over terrorism threat (18 Dec 14)
Google Hangouts: Too smart for privacy? (17 Dec 14)

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