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Malware Top10:
Thu, 14 Aug    Low    BKDR_PERCS.A
Mon, 04 Aug    Low    TSPY_POSLOGR.C
Mon, 04 Aug    Low    TSPY_POSLOGR.B
Mon, 04 Aug    Low    TSPY_POSLOGR.A
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    TROJ_CRYPTFILE.SM
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    BKDR_QULKONWI.GHR
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    TROJ_CRYPCTB.A
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    BAT_CRYPTOR.A
Fri, 18 Jul    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.VUH
Tue, 15 Jul    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYAQ

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
20 Aug 2014     Troj/PDFJs-AHA
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Inject-AXU
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Agent-AIMX
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Agent-AIMW
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Agent-AIMV
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Agent-AIMU
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Agent-AIMT
20 Aug 2014     Troj/Agent-AIMS
20 Aug 2014     Troj/ExpJS-N
20 Aug 2014     Troj/FeebDl-AD

Latest Adware and PUA:
20 Aug 2014     MultiPlug
20 Aug 2014     VOPackage
20 Aug 2014     SoftPulse
20 Aug 2014     Mimikatz Exploit Utility
20 Aug 2014     Amonetize
19 Aug 2014     Download Manager
19 Aug 2014     SearchSuite
19 Aug 2014     Android Dowgin
18 Aug 2014     Goobzo
18 Aug 2014     FT Downloader

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Latest 10 Threats:
Wed, 20 Aug       W32.Changeup!gen49
Wed, 20 Aug       Trojan.Cryptolocker.H
Wed, 20 Aug       Infostealer.Ragua
Wed, 20 Aug       Trojan.Cryptdef!gen3
Tue, 19 Aug       W32.Changeup!gen48
Tue, 19 Aug       Infostealer.Retgate
Tue, 19 Aug       Exp.CVE-2014-2820
Tue, 19 Aug       Exp.CVE-2014-2823
Tue, 19 Aug       Exp.CVE-2014-4057

Latest 10 Risks:
Wed, 6 Aug       MyPCBackup
Tue, 29 Jul       VOPackage
Mon, 21 Jul       Loadmoney
Sat, 19 Jul       OptimumPcBoost
Sat, 19 Jul       SpeedUpMyPc
Sat, 12 Jul       GorillaPrice
Thu, 10 Jul       Genieo
Mon, 7 Jul       Goobzo
Tue, 1 Jul       RegCleanPro
Mon, 30 Jun       OSX.SearchProtect

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
Cryptolocker flogged on YouTube (The Register)
August 2014 (RSU1407) service package has been tested and is now available (IT Toolbox Blogs)
MS14-049 - Important: Vulnerability in Windows Installer Service Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (2962490) - Version: 1.1 (Microsoft)
U.S. government's nuclear watchdog victim of cyber attacks: report (Yahoo Security)
"EdDSA for OpenPGP" - Werner Koch (Internet Drafts)
Vuln: Cisco ASR 5000 Series Software CVE-2014-3331 Denial of Service Vulnerability (SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities)
ISC StormCast for Wednesday, August 20th 2014, (Wed, Aug 20th) (InternetStormCenter)
US Air Force is Focusing on Cyber Deception (Schneier blog)
CVE-2014-5333 (adobeair, adobeairsdk, flashplayer) (Natl. Vulnerability Database)
Blog Names Unsecure Apps and Services (August 18, 2014) (SANS Newsbites)

The Register - Security

Did you swipe your card through one of these UPS Store tills? You may have been pwned (20 August 2014)
Oi! Rip Van Winkle: PATCH, already (20 August 2014)
Need a green traffic light all the way home? Easy with insecure street signals, say researchers (20 August 2014)
Heartbleed implicated in US hospital megahack (20 August 2014)
Brother, can you spare a DIME for holy grail of secure webmail? (20 August 2014)
Malware married to software in undetectable attack (20 August 2014)
Lazy sysadmins rooted in looming Mozilla cert wipeout (20 August 2014)
Cryptolocker flogged on YouTube (20 August 2014)
Nuke regulator hacked three times in three years (19 August 2014)
NSW to build federated ID management rig for staff, punters (19 August 2014)
e-Borders fiasco: Brits stung for £224m after US IT giant sues UK govt (19 August 2014)
Google to offer special accounts for kids: report (19 August 2014)
Think crypto hides you from spooks on Facebook? THINK AGAIN (19 August 2014)
Linux kernel devs made to finger their dongles before contributing code (18 August 2014)
Tor-rorists get sneaky Aphex Twin album peek in dance guru hypegasm (18 August 2014)
'Chinese crims' snatch 4.5 MILLION patient files from US hospitals (18 August 2014)
Germany 'accidentally' snooped on John Kerry and Hillary Clinton (18 August 2014)
Something's phishy: More holiday scam spam flung at real hotel customers (18 August 2014)
Rupert Murdoch says Google is worse than the NSA (18 August 2014)
Irish credit unions in privacy breach (18 August 2014)

UPS Store hit with malware attack in 51 franchised locations (20 Aug 2014)
Yale profs propose openness, crypto for disciplined surveillance (20 Aug 2014)
Target Q2 2014: Fails to meet analyst expectations, cuts year outlook (20 Aug 2014)
Assange blabbers, IBM/Lenovo is approved, and some Apple data goes to China [Government IT Week] (20 Aug 2014)
New ZeroLocker crypto-ransomware offers discount for paying up quickly - or $1,000 in Bitcoin (20 Aug 2014)
Dropbox pushes more security controls to all Business customers (19 Aug 2014)
Linux kernel source code repositories get better security (19 Aug 2014)
WikiLeaks' Assange sets sights on leaving embassy: Now what? (19 Aug 2014)
Ferguson: Another case for public security cameras (19 Aug 2014)
NSW government appoints consortium for 'identity hub' (19 Aug 2014)
New powers could give ASIO a warrant for the entire internet (19 Aug 2014)
Chinese hackers steal data from 4.5 million hospital patients (18 Aug 2014)
Six ways to secure your vulnerable network router (18 Aug 2014)
Snort on home routers - what a great idea (18 Aug 2014)
Can we make hack-proof computers? (18 Aug 2014)
Users should know what websites are blocked: Comms Department (18 Aug 2014)
Bishop latest hacking casualty in global game of phones (18 Aug 2014)
DFAT tenders first part of communications network program (18 Aug 2014)
Political clash of luddite QCs and tech are a dangerous combination (18 Aug 2014)
Western Australia government phone and laptop losses rise (18 Aug 2014)

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