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Malware Top10:
Tue, 09 Sep    Low    OSX_SLORDU.A
Fri, 29 Aug    Low    TSPY_MEMLOG.A
Thu, 14 Aug    Low    BKDR_PERCS.A
Mon, 04 Aug    Low    TSPY_POSLOGR.B
Mon, 04 Aug    Low    TSPY_POSLOGR.C
Mon, 04 Aug    Low    TSPY_POSLOGR.A
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    TROJ_CRYPTFILE.SM
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    BKDR_QULKONWI.GHR
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    TROJ_CRYPCTB.A
Wed, 30 Jul    Low    BAT_CRYPTOR.A

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
16 Sep 2014     Troj/Inject-BDL
16 Sep 2014     Troj/DwnLdr-LXR
16 Sep 2014     Troj/Zbot-IXO
16 Sep 2014     Troj/MSIL-AIN
16 Sep 2014     Troj/VBInj-IZ
16 Sep 2014     Troj/FakeAV-HEM
16 Sep 2014     Troj/MSIL-AIM
16 Sep 2014     Troj/Zbot-IXN
16 Sep 2014     VBS/Dinihou-AU
16 Sep 2014     Troj/MSIL-AIL

Latest Adware and PUA:
16 Sep 2014     MultiPlug
15 Sep 2014     SearchSuite
15 Sep 2014     Browse Fox
13 Sep 2014     OpenCandy
13 Sep 2014     Goodware Installer
12 Sep 2014     SoftPulse
12 Sep 2014     SmartPCFix
11 Sep 2014     BProtector
11 Sep 2014     IC Loader
10 Sep 2014     Pull Update

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Latest 10 Threats:
Tue, 16 Sep       Backdoor.Miniduke!gen4
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.SuspInject!gen1
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.IRCbotng!gen7
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.IRCbotng!gen6
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.LowSec!gen3
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.Ponik!gen3
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.Ratenjay!gen1
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.Cridex!gen2
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.Necurs!gen2
Mon, 15 Sep       SONAR.PUA!gen3

Latest 10 Risks:
Wed, 10 Sep       Adware.Qwiklinx
Fri, 5 Sep       Adware.Mezaa
Thu, 4 Sep       PCHealthBoost
Wed, 6 Aug       MyPCBackup
Tue, 29 Jul       VOPackage
Mon, 21 Jul       Loadmoney
Sat, 19 Jul       OptimumPcBoost
Sat, 19 Jul       SpeedUpMyPc
Sat, 12 Jul       GorillaPrice
Thu, 10 Jul       Genieo

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
MS14-055 - Important: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Lync Server Could Allow Denial of Service (2990928) - Version: 2.0 (Microsoft)
Passwords aren't dead, they just need vitamins... (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Yawn, Wikileaks, we already knew about FinFisher. But these software binaries... (The Register)
NADA: A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Real-Time Media - Xiaoqing Zhu, Rong Pan, Michael Ramalho, Sergio de la Cruz, Charles Ganzhorn, Paul Jones, Stefano D'Aronco (Internet Drafts)
Bugtraq: Briefcase 4.0 iOS - Code Execution File Include Vulnerability (SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities)
Attackers tapping on SNMP door to see if its open (Yahoo News)
CVE-2014-5440 (mx-smartimer) (Natl. Vulnerability Database)
Even Bad Malware Works, (Mon, Sep 15th) (InternetStormCenter)
Security of the SHA Family of Hash Functions (Schneier blog)
It's not too late for privacy (ZDNet)
Hacker exploits printer Web interface to install, run Doom (ArsTechnica)
Dropbox releases biannual transparency report (SC Magazine)
Internet Of Things Devices Are Doomed (Dark Reading)
A Project Management Approach to Writing a GIAC Gold Paper (SANS Reading Room)
SB14-258: Vulnerability Summary for the Week of September 8, 2014 (US-Cert Bulletins)
NSA, British Spy Agency Have Secret Access to Deutsche Telekom: Report (SecurityWeek)
Three Things Apple Can Do to Fix iClouds Awful Security (WIRED)
Don't forget to add Wireshark to your security toolkit (TechRepublic)

The Register - Security

Got your NUDE SELFIES in the cloud? Two-factor auth's your best bet for securing them (16 September 2014)
Rejoice, Blighty! UK is the TOP of the WHOLE WORLD ... for PHISHING (16 September 2014)
Israeli spies rebel over mass-snooping on innocent Palestinians (16 September 2014)
Attackers tapping on SNMP door to see if it's open (16 September 2014)
THREE QUARTERS of Android mobes open to web page spy bug (16 September 2014)
'Speargun' program is fantasy, says cable operator (16 September 2014)
Hackers-for-hire raided 300 banks, corporates for TWELVE YEARS (16 September 2014)
I saved Bitcoin and the PERFECT DRAFT OF HISTORY, says Assange (16 September 2014)
Bank IT bod accused of stealing $40 MEEELLION from employer (16 September 2014)
Chinese 'Sogou Explorer' browser sends URLs to parts unknown (16 September 2014)
Yawn, Wikileaks, we already knew about FinFisher. But these software binaries... (15 September 2014)
Freenode IRC users told to change passwords after securo-breach (15 September 2014)
Hey, scammers. Google's FINE with your dodgy look-a-like apps (15 September 2014)
Infosec geniuses hack a Canon PRINTER and install DOOM (15 September 2014)
Snowden, Dotcom, throw bombs into NZ election campaign (15 September 2014)
Hackers pop Brazil newspaper to root home routers (15 September 2014)
New Snowden leak: US and Brit spooks 'tap into German telco networks to map end devices' (14 September 2014)
Apple Pay is a tidy payday for Apple with 0.15% cut, sources say (13 September 2014)
Not pro Bono: Apple's audio junk mail made spammers' lives easier (13 September 2014)
Beware geeks bearing gifts: Steam-draining nasty spreads via Twitch (12 September 2014)

Adobe releases security updates for Acrobat, Reader (16 Sep 2014)
Two separate security incidents in Singapore suggest more needs to be done (16 Sep 2014)
Microsoft pulls September Lync security update (16 Sep 2014)
Kindle security vulnerability can 'compromise' Amazon accounts (16 Sep 2014)
U.S. government to Yahoo: Comply with PRISM, or we'll make sure you go bankrupt (16 Sep 2014)
Phishing is another problem solved by password managers (16 Sep 2014)
Privacy questions over HealthKit, Watch earn Apple a grilling from Connecticut's attorney general (16 Sep 2014)
WikiLeaks posts 'weaponized malware' for all to download (16 Sep 2014)
Can Snowden finally kill the 'harmless metadata' myth? (16 Sep 2014)
Google: Global government data demands up 150 percent in five years (15 Sep 2014)
It's not too late for privacy (15 Sep 2014)
'Moment of Truth' arrives for smallest of the Five Eyes (15 Sep 2014)
JPMorgan hack: It could have been worse (15 Sep 2014)
12 years old and finally over: Is the Harkonnen Operation the longest-running malware campaign so far? (15 Sep 2014)
Majority of mobile apps will fail basic security tests in the future: Gartner (15 Sep 2014)
New Zealanders are being watched: Snowden (15 Sep 2014)
WikiLeaks names NSW Police as FinFisher malware customer (15 Sep 2014)
Five Eyes Treasure Map surveys German telco networks: report (15 Sep 2014)
Microsoft and Yahoo spar with U.S. government [Government IT News] (15 Sep 2014)
Treasury risk manager leaps from Microsoft Access to Azure cloud (14 Sep 2014)

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