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Malware Top10:
Tue, 03 Nov       BKDR_KASIDET.XXRO
Fri, 02 Oct       ELF_XORDDOS.AP
Wed, 30 Sep       TSPY_ROVNIX.YPOB
Mon, 28 Sep       BKDR_CENTERPOS.A
Mon, 28 Sep       BKDR_ALINA.POSKAT
Thu, 24 Sep       WORM_KASIDET.NM
Thu, 24 Sep       WORM_KASIDET.SC
Thu, 24 Sep       BKDR_KASIDET.FD

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Zbot-KHQ
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Zbot-KHP
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Wonknu-B
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Wonknu-A
25 Nov 2015       Troj/VBSDl-Q
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Straxbot-B
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Straxbot-A
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Nivdort-AS
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Kovter-AQ
25 Nov 2015       Troj/Injecto-FC

Latest Adware and PUA:
25 Nov 2015       Install Core
25 Nov 2015       HideBaid
25 Nov 2015       ClickMeIn Installer
25 Nov 2015       Acengine
24 Nov 2015       Xiazai Bundler
24 Nov 2015       QjMonkey
24 Nov 2015       OutBrowse Revenyou
24 Nov 2015       Muda
24 Nov 2015       InstallCore
24 Nov 2015       SoftPulse

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Latest 10 Threats:
Tue, 24 Nov       Trojan.Cryptolocker.W!gm
Tue, 24 Nov       Trojan.Ranscrypt.U!g2
Wed, 25 Nov       PHP.Filesman
Mon, 23 Nov       Exp.CVE-2015-7632
Mon, 23 Nov       Exp.CVE-2015-7629
Mon, 23 Nov       Exp.CVE-2015-7631
Mon, 23 Nov       Exp.CVE-2015-7633
Mon, 23 Nov       Unix.Ransomcrypt.B
Mon, 23 Nov       Exp.CVE-2015-2483
Mon, 23 Nov       Exp.CVE-2015-2499

Latest 10 Risks:
Mon, 23 Nov       PUA.SlimCleanerPlus
Mon, 23 Nov       Adware.IstartSurf
Mon, 23 Nov       PUA.DriverUpdPro
Sun, 22 Nov       PUA.Astromenda!gen3
Wed, 18 Nov       PUA.Astromenda!gen2
Wed, 18 Nov       PUA.Astromenda!gen1
Fri, 13 Nov       PUA.SpeedFixTool
Thu, 12 Nov       PUA.PlayThru
Fri, 6 Nov       Adware.ContentDefend
Thu, 5 Nov       SecurityRisk.KeeFarce

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
Facebook alerted the U.S. government to a cyberattack by Iran (Yahoo Security)
Lazy IoT, router makers reuse skeleton keys over and over in thousands of devices new study (The Register)
Researchers identify stealth malware targeting POS systems since at least 2013 (SC Magazine)
Fifth arrest in TalkTalk hacking probe: Now Plod cuff chap in Wales (The Register)
Hilton Hotels Hit by Cyber Attack (SecurityWeek)
Take A Facebook Quiz, Give Up All Your Data For Free (Forbes)
Sample Workstation Recovery Plan (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Dell in hot water again as second 'Superfish' root certificate surfaces (ZDNet)
Hilton Hotels: We Were Breached (InfoRiskToday)
PCs running Dell support app can be uniquely IDd by snoops and scammers (ArsTechnica)
Vulnerability Note VU#925497: Dell System Detect installs root certificate and private key (DSDTestProvider) (Reddit)
NSA Lectures on Communications Security from 1973 (Schneier blog)
A $10 Tool Can Guess (And Steal) Your Next Credit Card Number (WIRED)
Microsoft lays out its security plan for a mobile-first, cloud-first world (TechRepublic)
On the x86 Representation of Object Oriented Programming Concepts for Reverse Engineers (SANS Reading Room)
GAO Report on Critical Infrastructure Threat Assessment and Mitigation (November 20, 2015) (SANS Newsbites)
Lenovo slings privilege patches at in-built tools (The Register)
Sony employees' hacking suit settlement gets preliminary OK (Yahoo Security)
Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears (The Register)
It's Thanksgiving in the USA this Thursday (11/26/2015) (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Thankful for Oracle SQL Flower Boxes, and Other Small Helps (IT Toolbox Blogs)
This Is What France's New Surveillance Laws Look Like (Forbes)
Why 'Cryptophobia' Is Unjustified (InfoRiskToday)
Finding security bugs on the road to creating a verifiably secure TLS lib (The Register)
Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (IT Toolbox Blogs)
FAKBEN Team Ransomware Uses Open Source Hidden Tear Code (Reddit)
The Year's Dumbest Comments On Encryption And Surveillance (Forbes)
Consumers wise up to protecting their data (SC Magazine)
FTC to Appeal Ruling that Dismissed LabMD Case (InfoRiskToday)
BrtMedia video malvertising highlights industry shortcomings (SC Magazine)
Lahey Hospital Fined $850,000 in HIPAA Case (InfoRiskToday)
Amazon Forces Password Resets after Possible Security Breach (SecurityWeek)
Developing for Security Infographic By Barricade (Reddit)
New Dridex Variants Achieve High Infection Rate Using Poisoned Docs (SecurityWeek)
Creepy Wi-Fi Enabled Barbie can be Hacked and Turned into your Personal Surveillance Doll (Reddit)
Two in a thousand people 'view child sexual abuse images at work' (SC Magazine)
Iranian military spear-phish of State Department employees detected first by Facebook (ArsTechnica)
NCC Group Pays $142 Million to Acquire Fox-IT (SecurityWeek)

The Register - Security

Lenovo slings privilege patches at in-built tools (26 November 2015)
Lazy IoT, router makers reuse skeleton keys over and over in thousands of devices – new study (26 November 2015)
Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears (25 November 2015)
Finding security bugs on the road to creating a verifiably secure TLS lib (25 November 2015)
Plusnet ignores GCHQ, spits out plaintext passwords to customers (25 November 2015)
Hilton confirms hotel credit-card-snaffling sales till malware hit (25 November 2015)
Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings (25 November 2015)
Hacker predicts AMEX card numbers, bypasses chip and PIN (25 November 2015)
Second Dell backdoor root cert found (25 November 2015)
Amazon resets account passwords feared compromised – report (25 November 2015)
Tor Project: Anonymity ain't free, folks. Pony up (25 November 2015)
Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites (25 November 2015)
Fifth arrest in TalkTalk hacking probe: Now Plod cuff chap in Wales (25 November 2015)
Cyber-terror: How real is the threat? Squirrels are more of a danger (24 November 2015)
Video malvertising campaign lasted 12 hours? Try two months (24 November 2015)
North Korea is capable of pwning Sony. Whether it did is another matter (24 November 2015)
Who's right on crypto: An American prosecutor or a Lebanese coder? (24 November 2015)
British duo arrested for running malware encryption service (24 November 2015)
Paris, jihadis, tech giants ... What is David Cameron's speechwriter banging on about now? (24 November 2015)
World's most complex cash register malware plunders millions in US (24 November 2015)

threat post
Lenovo Patches Vulnerabilities in System Update Service (25 Nov 2015)
Nuclear Exploit Kit Spreading Cryptowall 4.0 Ransomware (25 Nov 2015)
United Airlines Slow to Patch Mobile App Vulnerability (24 Nov 2015)
Additional Self-Signed Certs, Private Keys Found on Dell Machines (24 Nov 2015)
Backdoor In A Backdoor Identified in 600,000 Arris Modems (23 Nov 2015)
Dell Computers Ship with Root Cert, Private Key (23 Nov 2015)
Stealthy GlassRAT Spies on Commercial Targets (23 Nov 2015)
Starwood Hotel Chain Hit By Point of Sale Malware (23 Nov 2015)
VMware Patches Pesky XXE Bug in Flex BlazeDS (20 Nov 2015)
German Government Audits TrueCrypt (20 Nov 2015)

Bug bounties: Which companies offer researchers cash? (25 Nov 2015)
Dell in hot water again as second 'Superfish' root certificate surfaces (25 Nov 2015)
Tor Project appeals for help to carry on, expand anti-spying network (25 Nov 2015)
Fifth suspect arrested over TalkTalk hack (25 Nov 2015)
Samsung Knox surpasses 4 million users (25 Nov 2015)
LabMD breach case more fuel for on-going-harm debate (24 Nov 2015)
Hilton says point-of-sale systems hit with malware (24 Nov 2015)
The biggest tech turkeys of 2015 (24 Nov 2015)
UK boosts spending on cyber army to launch hack attacks on enemies (24 Nov 2015)
Amazon force-resets some account passwords, citing password leak (24 Nov 2015)
Google's soaring piracy link-removal requests hit 65 million last month (24 Nov 2015)
More Singapore consumers fear tapping Wi-Fi hotspots than public loos (24 Nov 2015)
UK suspects arrested for helping malware bypass antivirus protection (24 Nov 2015)
Yahoo declares war on ad blockers, blocks email access (24 Nov 2015)
How to remove Dell's 'Superfish 2.0' root certificate - permanently (24 Nov 2015)
United Airlines takes 6 months to patch severe security flaws (24 Nov 2015)
Shorten labels disruptive technologies as genuine national security threats (24 Nov 2015)
Dell admits preinstalling root certificate and pledges to remove it (24 Nov 2015)
Australians losing AU$1.2b to online crime: Norton (23 Nov 2015)
Skype, WhatsApp, and Yelp access your data hundreds of times, but nobody knows why (23 Nov 2015)

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