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Malware Top10:
Sun, 12 Apr    Low    BKDR_SIMDA.SMEP
Sun, 12 Apr    Low    BKDR_SIMDA.SMEP2
Sat, 11 Apr    Low    VBS_KJWORM.SMA
Mon, 06 Apr    Low    BAT_CRYPVAULT.A
Fri, 03 Apr    Low    TROJ_LAZIOK.D
Fri, 03 Apr    Low    TROJ_LAZIOK.B
Wed, 01 Apr    Low    TSPY_POSNEWT.SM
Wed, 25 Mar    Low    SWF_EXPLOIT.OJF
Tue, 24 Mar    Low    W2KM_BARTALEX.EU

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
26 Apr 2015       Troj/MSILInj-HJ
26 Apr 2015       Troj/Injecto-DV
26 Apr 2015       Troj/Autoit-AYT
26 Apr 2015       Troj/Bladabi-W
26 Apr 2015       Troj/DocDl-MR
26 Apr 2015       Troj/Psyme-LS
26 Apr 2015       Troj/Wonton-QM
26 Apr 2015       Troj/Ransom-ATN
26 Apr 2015       Troj/MSIL-CNP
26 Apr 2015       Troj/MSIL-CNJ

Latest Adware and PUA:
26 Apr 2015       Conduit Search Protect
24 Apr 2015       Bundlore
24 Apr 2015       PC Tune-up
24 Apr 2015       ConvertAd
24 Apr 2015       MultiPlug
24 Apr 2015       Keygen
24 Apr 2015       CrackTool
23 Apr 2015       Solimba Installer
23 Apr 2015       Downloader
23 Apr 2015       AMonetiz

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Latest 10 Threats:
Fri, 24 Apr       Infostealer.Obator
Fri, 24 Apr       Downloader.Obator
Fri, 24 Apr       Trojan.Sysridge
Fri, 24 Apr       Trojan.Doscor
Fri, 24 Apr       W32.Ransomlock.AO!gen1
Fri, 24 Apr       W32.Ransomlock.AO!inf2
Thu, 23 Apr       Exp.CVE-2015-1701
Thu, 23 Apr       Downloader.Ponik!gen13
Wed, 22 Apr       Backdoor.Darpapox
Wed, 22 Apr       Linux.Susiribot

Latest 10 Risks:
Fri, 17 Apr       Adware.PastaLeads
Fri, 17 Apr       Yontoo.C!gen3
Thu, 16 Apr       Adware.CrimeWatch
Thu, 16 Apr       Adware.Mixxen
Wed, 15 Apr       Adware.LuckyTab
Mon, 13 Apr       DriverBooster
Mon, 6 Apr       Searchqu
Mon, 6 Apr       DownloadAdmin
Wed, 1 Apr       MagnoPlayer
Wed, 1 Apr       ImproveSpeedPC

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Massive TalkTalk data breach STILL causing customer scam tsunami (23 April 2015)
Costa Coffee Club members wake up and smell the data breach (23 April 2015)
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BlackBerry's WatchDox buy: An appeal to those that have moved onto new platforms (23 Apr 2015)
Compromised govt data could affect millions in China (23 Apr 2015)
Microsoft unveils plans for stronger encryption and tighter controls over Office 365 data (22 Apr 2015)
OpenID Foundation unveils program aimed at certifying authentication plumbing (22 Apr 2015)
Security firm shows how to crash an iPhone with a wireless DoS attack (22 Apr 2015)
FBI: Law enforcement now a target for hacktivists (22 Apr 2015)
BlackBerry expands its security smarts to the Internet of Things (22 Apr 2015)
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