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Malware Top10:
Fri, 18 Jul    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.VUH
Tue, 15 Jul    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYAQ
Tue, 01 Jul    Low    TSPY_BANKER.WSTA
Fri, 27 Jun    Low    TSPY_EMOTET.L
Wed, 25 Jun    Low    BKDR_PLUGX.ZTBF-A
Wed, 25 Jun    Low    TROJ_PLUGX.ZTBF-A
Tue, 24 Jun    Low    TROJ_DROIDPAK.A
Mon, 23 Jun    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYET
Mon, 23 Jun    Low    RTKT_NECURS.MJYE
Mon, 23 Jun    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYEN

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
31 Jul 2014     Troj/Zbot-ISI
31 Jul 2014     Troj/Zbot-ISH
31 Jul 2014     Troj/msil-ZH
31 Jul 2014     Troj/msil-ZG
31 Jul 2014     Troj/FakeAV-HEJ
31 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AIEE
31 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AIEH
31 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AIEG
31 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AIEF
31 Jul 2014     Troj/MsilInj-CO

Latest Adware and PUA:
31 Jul 2014     Pull Update
31 Jul 2014     Conduit Search Protect
31 Jul 2014     Ardamax KeyLogger
31 Jul 2014     Android Droid Commander
31 Jul 2014     SoftPulse
31 Jul 2014     AppRider
30 Jul 2014     ClickMeIn Installer
30 Jul 2014     AdultBox
30 Jul 2014     VOPackage
30 Jul 2014     Powerspy

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Latest 10 Threats:
Wed, 30 Jul       Packed.Mystic!gen14
Wed, 30 Jul       Trojan.Syndicasec!gen1
Wed, 30 Jul       Trojan.Chikdos.B!gen2
Thu, 31 Jul       Trojan.Scieron!gen2
Thu, 31 Jul       W32.Gammima.AG!gen8
Mon, 28 Jul       Trojan.Gen.4
Mon, 28 Jul       PUA.Gen.2
Mon, 28 Jul       Spyware.Gen
Mon, 28 Jul       RemoteAccess.Gen

Latest 10 Risks:
Tue, 29 Jul       VOPackage
Mon, 21 Jul       Loadmoney
Sat, 19 Jul       OptimumPcBoost
Sat, 19 Jul       SpeedUpMyPc
Sat, 12 Jul       GorillaPrice
Thu, 10 Jul       Genieo
Mon, 7 Jul       Goobzo
Tue, 1 Jul       RegCleanPro
Mon, 30 Jun       OSX.SearchProtect
Mon, 30 Jun       SearchProtect

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
Samsung to unveil the metal smartphone weve been waiting for on August 4th (Yahoo Security)
"Authenticating version 3 of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv3) using HMAC-SHA-2 procedures" - Sam Hartman, Margaret Wasserman, Dacheng Zhang, Manav Bhatia, (Internet Drafts)
Android Use in Enterprise Mobility (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Tor attack nodes RIPPED MASKS off users for 6 MONTHS (The Register)
Symantec Endpoint Protection Privilege Escalation Zero Day, (Wed, Jul 30th) (InternetStormCenter)
Debit Card Override Hack (Schneier blog)
TA14-212A: Backoff Point-of-Sale Malware (US-CERT Techalerts)
Vuln: ol-commerce Multiple SQL Injection and Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities)
CVE-2014-3020 (embeddedwebsphereapplicationserver, tivoliintegratedportal) (Natl. Vulnerability Database)

The Register - Security

Pentagon hacker McKinnon reinvents himself as SEO guru (31 July 2014)
Securobods claim Middle East govts' fingerprints all over malware flung at journos (31 July 2014)
AVG stung as search revenue from freebie scanners dries up (31 July 2014)
Fiendishly complex password app extension ships for iOS 8 (31 July 2014)
Russia to SAP, Apple: Hand over source code to prove you're not spies (31 July 2014)
BitTorrent launches decentralised crypto-fied chat app (31 July 2014)
Multipath TCP speeds up the internet so much that security breaks (31 July 2014)
Tor attack nodes RIPPED MASKS off users for 6 MONTHS (30 July 2014)
iWallet: No BONKING PLEASE, we're Apple (30 July 2014)
Firm issues soft denial against Iron Dome hack (30 July 2014)
DDOS takes down Cirrus Communications (30 July 2014)
'Things' on the Internet-of-things have 25 vulnerabilities apiece (30 July 2014)
Keep your iPhone calls private, whispers Signal (30 July 2014)
Thwarted dev sets Instasheep to graze on Facebook accounts (30 July 2014)
Canada's boffins need A WHOLE YEAR to recover from China hack attack (30 July 2014)
Senate introduces USA FREEDOM Act to curb NSA spying excesses (29 July 2014)
Android busted for carrying Fake ID: OS doesn't check who really made that 'Adobe' plugin (29 July 2014)
BlackBerry: We'll buy Angela Merkel's phone security company. HA! (29 July 2014)
Only '3% of web servers in top corps' fully fixed after Heartbleed snafu (29 July 2014)
14 antivirus apps found to have security problems (29 July 2014)

Microsoft ordered to hand over overseas email, throwing EU privacy rights in the fire (31 Jul 2014)
Russia to Apple, SAP: Give us source code, prove you're not spies (31 Jul 2014)
IBM snaps up Italian cloud security vendor CrossIdeas (31 Jul 2014)
Battling online security concerns with layers: Cisco (31 Jul 2014)
Tor warns users it was attacked, but details on deanonymizing efforts sketchy (30 Jul 2014)
NSA Playset, 911 hacked and war cats: A wild ride at DEF CON 22 (30 Jul 2014)
Connected devices have huge security holes (30 Jul 2014)
Controversial MyGov login could be used as e-voting ID (30 Jul 2014)
Microsoft, Akamai launch security startup accelerator in Israel (30 Jul 2014)
Google fixes Android's Fake ID security hole (29 Jul 2014)
BlackBerry acquires Secusmart, ups voice security ante (29 Jul 2014)
Internet of things big security worry, says HP (29 Jul 2014)
Huawei sees massive handset growth outside China (29 Jul 2014)
SEC to Facebook: yeah, we're good, Homeland Security does software, and go ahead and unlock your cellphone [Government IT Week] (29 Jul 2014)
How Amazon knows so much about you – and how to regain your privacy (28 Jul 2014)
SMBs overlooking online security risks: Zurich (28 Jul 2014)
Firefox adds anti-malware file reputation service (25 Jul 2014)
The Apple backdoor that wasn't (25 Jul 2014)
Google granting half of 'right to be forgotten' requests (25 Jul 2014)
Australia’s Covata eyes US financial sector (25 Jul 2014)

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