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Malware Top10:
Thu, 16 Oct    Low    TSPY_DYRE.EKW
Thu, 16 Oct    Low    TROJ_PIDIEF.YYJU
Tue, 14 Oct    Low    BKDR_BLACKEN.A
Tue, 14 Oct    Low    BKDR_BLACKEN.B
Wed, 08 Oct    Low    BKDR_PADPIN.A
Sat, 27 Sep    Low    PERL_SHELLBOT.WZ
Sat, 27 Sep    Low    ELF_BASHLET.A
Sat, 27 Sep    Low    ELF_BASHWOOP.SM
Sat, 27 Sep    Low    PERL_SHELLBOT.CE
Fri, 26 Sep    Low    ELF_BASHLITE.A

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
23 Oct 2014     Troj/MSIL-AQK
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Agent-AJNK
23 Oct 2014     Troj/MSIL-AOX
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Zbot-JCC
23 Oct 2014     Troj/DocDrop-DK
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Kuluoz-CA
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Zbot-JBX
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Zbot-JBW
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Zbot-JBV
23 Oct 2014     Troj/Weels-Z

Latest Adware and PUA:
23 Oct 2014     NaviPromo
23 Oct 2014     Lucky Tab
23 Oct 2014     Hits Blender
23 Oct 2014     DSearch
23 Oct 2014     Android Sosocome
23 Oct 2014     YourFile Downloader
23 Oct 2014     Samdump
22 Oct 2014     MultiPlug
22 Oct 2014     OpenCandy
22 Oct 2014     Systweak Advanced System Protector

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Latest 10 Threats:
Thu, 23 Oct       Android.Lockdroid.F
Tue, 21 Oct       Bloodhound.Flash.26
Tue, 21 Oct       Trojan.Plugdis
Mon, 20 Oct       Exp.CVE-2014-0565
Mon, 20 Oct       SONAR.LoadPoint!gen5
Mon, 20 Oct       SONAR.SuspBeh!gen133
Mon, 20 Oct       SONAR.SuspBeh!gen202
Mon, 20 Oct       SONAR.SuspBeh!gen126
Mon, 20 Oct       SONAR.SuspBeh!gen264

Latest 10 Risks:
Thu, 9 Oct       Adware.Tamindir
Thu, 9 Oct       Adware.StormAlerts
Thu, 2 Oct       Adware.GreatArcadeHits
Wed, 1 Oct       Adware.Quiknowledge
Wed, 1 Oct       Adware.ContentExplorer
Wed, 1 Oct       AnyProtect
Wed, 1 Oct       Adware.SaveSense
Wed, 1 Oct       PerionInstaller
Wed, 1 Oct       InstalKi

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
China's Xiaomi shifts some smartphone user data out of Beijing on privacy concerns (Yahoo Security)
CRM Integration Essentials: Scalability (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Generic YANG Data Model for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) - Tissa Senevirathne, Norman Finn, Deepak Kumar, Samer Salam, Qin Wu (Internet Drafts)
Quick PHP patch beats slow research reveal (The Register)
CVE-2014-3568 (openssl) (Natl. Vulnerability Database)

The Register - Security

Ad-borne Cryptowall ransomware is set to claim FRESH VICTIMS (23 October 2014)
Xen says its security policies might be buggier than its software (23 October 2014)
Quick PHP patch beats slow research reveal (23 October 2014)
NIST to hypervisor admins: secure your systems (23 October 2014)
Is your home or office internet gateway one of '1.2 MILLION' wide open to hijacking? (22 October 2014)
Guns don't scare people, hackers do: Americans fear identity theft more than shooting sprees (22 October 2014)
DEATH by PowerPoint: Microsoft warns of 0-day attack hidden in slides (22 October 2014)
Pagers shout data center creds, pop star airport arrivals (22 October 2014)
NOT OK GOOGLE: Android images can conceal code (22 October 2014)
In dot we trust: If you keep to this 124-page security rulebook, you can own (22 October 2014)
Google puts Chrome credentials on USB drives for two-factor authentication (22 October 2014)
Apple grapple: Congress kills FBI's Cupertino crypto kybosh plan (22 October 2014)
Chinese APT groups targeting Australian lawyers (21 October 2014)
Edward who? GCHQ boss dodges Snowden topic during last speech (21 October 2014)
Hacked and ashamed? C'mon, Brits – report that cybercrime (21 October 2014)
Carders punch holes through Staples (21 October 2014)
Palo Alto Networks boxes spray firewall creds across the net (21 October 2014)
Quantum key security steps outside the box (21 October 2014)
Cisco battles POODLE with a listicle and some twaddle (21 October 2014)

CitizenFour, film review: The Snowden revelations, as they happened (23 Oct 2014)
Apple leashes POODLE in Apple Push Notification, pulls SSL 3.0 (23 Oct 2014)
Xiaomi moving international user data and cloud services out of Beijing (23 Oct 2014)
Cook reassures China on iPhone security (23 Oct 2014)
Effective security techniques we don't follow enough (22 Oct 2014)
Microsoft reveals audacious plans to tighten security with Windows 10 (22 Oct 2014)
Not been a victim of cyber-crime yet? You're now in the minority (22 Oct 2014)
After attack on Chinese iCloud users, Apple issues browser security notice (22 Oct 2014)
Hidden camera fingerprints link photos to individuals (22 Oct 2014)
GCHQ boss defends internet trawl, but rejects mass surveillance claims (22 Oct 2014)
Website blocking is not internet filtering: Australian government (22 Oct 2014)
ABS gets tough on internal data access (22 Oct 2014)
Google takes 2FA a touch further with Security Key (22 Oct 2014)
New Windows zero day being exploited through PowerPoint (21 Oct 2014)
iCloud attack is blunt and obvious (21 Oct 2014)
Duo Security announces U2F authentication support (21 Oct 2014)
Apple seeks to allay concerns over Yosemite Spotlight data collection (21 Oct 2014)
One in three tech job hunters have inaccurate CVs (21 Oct 2014)
Chinese government accused of attacking Apple's iCloud (21 Oct 2014)
Staples investigates possible data breach, credit card fraud (21 Oct 2014)

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