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Malware Top10:
Wed, 16 Apr    Low    JAVA_OZNEB.B
Thu, 10 Apr    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YYJR
Fri, 04 Apr    Low    RTKT_NECURS.BGSG
Fri, 04 Apr    Low    RTKT_NECURS.RBC
Thu, 03 Apr    Low    W97M_SHELLHIDE.B
Thu, 03 Apr    Low    BKDR_NEUREVT.DCM
Wed, 02 Apr    Low    TROJ_UPATRE.YYKE
Wed, 02 Apr    Low    W97M_SHELLHIDE.A
Wed, 02 Apr    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YYKE

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
20 Apr 2014     XM97/Crigent-C
20 Apr 2014     Troj/Wonton-BU
20 Apr 2014     Troj/Simbot-I
20 Apr 2014     Troj/PDFJs-AFQ
20 Apr 2014     Troj/Java-SW
20 Apr 2014     Troj/Agent-AGSP
20 Apr 2014     Mal/Autoit-P
19 Apr 2014     Troj/PWS-BBY
19 Apr 2014     Troj/Fondu-AD
19 Apr 2014     Troj/DwnLdr-HCO

Latest Adware and PUA:
19 Apr 2014     Remote Admin
17 Apr 2014     Perfect Keylogger
17 Apr 2014     Comedy-Planet
17 Apr 2014     Coopen Installer
17 Apr 2014     Comet Cursor
17 Apr 2014     Solimba Installer
17 Apr 2014     Rolimno
17 Apr 2014     OutoBox
17 Apr 2014     Monetomi
17 Apr 2014     LemurLeap

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Latest 10 Threats:
Thu, 17 Apr       W32.Mezit!inf
Thu, 17 Apr       Trojan.Shylock!gen12
Thu, 17 Apr       Infostealer.Dande
Wed, 16 Apr       Trojan.Pandex!gen4
Tue, 15 Apr       Trojan.Zbot!gen74
Tue, 15 Apr       VBS.Crigent
Tue, 15 Apr       Backdoor.Kihomchi
Mon, 14 Apr       SONAR.Sality!gen1
Mon, 14 Apr       SONAR.Sality!gen2

Latest 10 Risks:
Mon, 17 Mar       Adware.PricePeep
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Tgpush
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Apperhand
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Waren
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Miji
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Airpush
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Tanci
Thu, 27 Feb       Android.Airad

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"TCP Extended Data Offset Option" - Joseph Touch, Wesley Eddy (Internet Drafts)
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