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Malware Top10:
Tue, 15 Jul    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYAQ
Tue, 01 Jul    Low    TSPY_BANKER.WSTA
Fri, 27 Jun    Low    TSPY_EMOTET.L
Wed, 25 Jun    Low    BKDR_PLUGX.ZTBF-A
Wed, 25 Jun    Low    TROJ_PLUGX.ZTBF-A
Tue, 24 Jun    Low    TROJ_DROIDPAK.A
Mon, 23 Jun    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYET
Mon, 23 Jun    Low    RTKT_NECURS.MJYE
Mon, 23 Jun    Low    TSPY_ZBOT.YUYEN
Tue, 17 Jun    Low    ANDROIDOS_LOCKER.HBT

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
21 Jul 2014     W32/Dorkbot-KD
21 Jul 2014     Troj/Zbot-IQV
21 Jul 2014     Troj/MSIL-XQ
21 Jul 2014     Troj/MSIL-XP
21 Jul 2014     Troj/MSIL-XM
21 Jul 2014     Troj/Inject-AZP
21 Jul 2014     Troj/AutoIt-AMC
21 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AHYM
21 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AHYL
21 Jul 2014     Troj/Agent-AHYK

Latest Adware and PUA:
20 Jul 2014     Pass Finder Installer
20 Jul 2014     Download Admin
19 Jul 2014     SoftPulse
19 Jul 2014     Open Install
18 Jul 2014     Install Core Click run software
17 Jul 2014     Kraddare
17 Jul 2014     Browse Fox
16 Jul 2014     Registry Cleaner
16 Jul 2014     MediaMagnet
16 Jul 2014     Android Killer Mobile

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Latest 10 Threats:

Latest 10 Risks:
Mon, 21 Jul       Loadmoney
Sat, 19 Jul       OptimumPcBoost
Sat, 19 Jul       SpeedUpMyPc
Sat, 12 Jul       GorillaPrice
Thu, 10 Jul       Genieo
Mon, 7 Jul       Goobzo
Tue, 1 Jul       RegCleanPro
Mon, 30 Jun       OSX.SearchProtect
Mon, 30 Jun       SearchProtect
Wed, 18 Jun       InboxToolbar

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
Goodwill's goodwill rocked as Feds probe bank card hacking scam (The Register)
New York to announce arrests made in international hacking case (Yahoo Security)
Vuln: Linux Kernel '/fs/aio.c' Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability (SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities)
EDI: What is it and why is it fast becoming a must-have in businesses? (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Security Vulnerability in the Tails OS (Schneier blog)
"Multi-path Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol version 2 (OLSRv2)" - Jiazi Yi, Benoit Parrein (Internet Drafts)
WordPress brute force attack via wp.getUsersBlogs, (Tue, Jul 22nd) (InternetStormCenter)
CVE-2014-4948 (Natl. Vulnerability Database)
Microsoft XML Core Services Vulnerabilities (July 18, 2014) (SANS Newsbites)

The Register - Security

Tails-hacking Exodus: Here's video proof of our code-injection attack (23 July 2014)
Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon Wi-Fi network (23 July 2014)
StubHub ticked off by trans-Atlantic fraudsters says New York DA (23 July 2014)
PayPal post-checkout cash slurp a FEATURE not a BUG (23 July 2014)
Attackers raid SWISS BANKS with DNS and malware bombs (23 July 2014)
EFF looses Privacy Badger to munch cookies and scripts (23 July 2014)
Android ransomware demands 12x more cash, targets English-speakers (23 July 2014)
Goodwill's goodwill rocked as Feds probe bank card hacking scam (22 July 2014)
Lads from Lagos turn from 419 scams to basic malware slinging (22 July 2014)
STILL no move by Brit data cops over Google's 2012 privacy slurp (22 July 2014)
Hacker claims breach of Wall Street Journal and Vice websites, punts 'user data' for sale (22 July 2014)
Lawyer reviewing terror laws and special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad (22 July 2014)
NEW, SINISTER web tracking tech fingerprints your computer by making it draw (22 July 2014)
Cyber scum pump ransomware at victims from spambot-stuffed websites (22 July 2014)
Black Hat anti-Tor talk smashed by lawyers' wrecking ball (22 July 2014)
Don't look, Snowden: Security biz chases Tails with zero-day flaws alert (21 July 2014)
HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert (21 July 2014)
New BOMB detect-o-tech 'could give sniffer dogs competition': TRUE (21 July 2014)
Secondhand Point-o-Sale terminal was horrific security midden (21 July 2014)
Snowden wants YOU – yes, YOU – to build spy-busting tech (21 July 2014)

Dropbox for Business bolsters security features (23 Jul 2014)
Hacker worms his way into WSJ computer systems (23 Jul 2014)
Catch of the Day failed to inform AFP on data breach (23 Jul 2014)
Apple refers to iOS back doors as 'diagnostic capabilities' (23 Jul 2014)
Putin signs data retention law (23 Jul 2014)
RSA's security utopia requires China, US to be friends (22 Jul 2014)
Samsung and Google provide more details on Knox contribution to Android L (22 Jul 2014)
Passwords are key when firing employees (22 Jul 2014)
Tor break talk axed from Black Hat conference (22 Jul 2014)
What Catbird believes security systems should do (21 Jul 2014)
Splunk adds risk scoring to latest Enterprise Security app (21 Jul 2014)
Please sign on the dotted line. Electronically. (21 Jul 2014)
Forensic scientist identifies suspicious 'back doors' running on every iOS device (21 Jul 2014)
EFF asks you to share your internet to improve security worldwide (21 Jul 2014)
Win XP antivirus compared - last time? (21 Jul 2014)
Snowden plans to work on anti-surveillance technology (21 Jul 2014)
Huawei's enterprise business helps lift sales by 19 percent YoY (21 Jul 2014)
Catch of the Day delays informing Privacy Commissioner of breach (21 Jul 2014)
Data retention isn't Big Brother: ASIO chief (21 Jul 2014)
Beware the spin behind Australia's new surveillance laws (21 Jul 2014)

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