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Malware Top10:
Fri, 26 Jun    Low    TSPY_TINBA.WRSA
Thu, 25 Jun    Low    BKDR_LISUIFE.B
Wed, 24 Jun    Low    TROJ_GATAK.SMJV
Tue, 16 Jun    Low    SWF_EXPLOIT.MJTE
Wed, 10 Jun    Low    TSPY_POSPUNK.A
Wed, 10 Jun    Low    TSPY_POSPUNK.B
Tue, 02 Jun    Low    TSPY_DYRE.IK
Tue, 26 May    Low    TROJ_KILIM.EFLD

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
05 Jul 2015       Troj/Upatre-OS
05 Jul 2015       Troj/Ransom-AXY
05 Jul 2015       Troj/MSIL-DPM
05 Jul 2015       Troj/Dloadr-DYG
05 Jul 2015       Troj/Agent-ANVU
05 Jul 2015       Troj/Ransom-AXA
04 Jul 2015       Troj/MSIL-DPL
04 Jul 2015       Troj/MSIL-DPK
04 Jul 2015       Troj/LdMon-W
04 Jul 2015       Troj/LdMon-V

Latest Adware and PUA:
05 Jul 2015       WebSearch
05 Jul 2015       Somoto BetterInstaller
05 Jul 2015       Bindshell
04 Jul 2015       Hicosmea
04 Jul 2015       X-Force Keymaker
04 Jul 2015       Keygen
03 Jul 2015       MultiPlug
03 Jul 2015       Install Core Click run software
03 Jul 2015       Android Mecor
03 Jul 2015       InstallCore

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Latest 10 Threats:
Fri, 3 Jul       Trojan.Cryptolock!g13
Fri, 3 Jul       Hacktool.Bannerjack
Fri, 3 Jul       Hacktool.Multipurpose
Fri, 3 Jul       Hacktool.EventLog
Fri, 3 Jul       Hacktool.Proxy.A
Sat, 4 Jul       Hacktool.Securetunnel
Sat, 4 Jul       OSX.Dropper
Sat, 4 Jul       OSX.Backloader
Thu, 2 Jul       Packed.Dromedan!gen15
Wed, 1 Jul       Trojan.Pitou

Latest 10 Risks:
Wed, 1 Jul       PUA.Getnow
Fri, 26 Jun       PUA.DownloadSponsor
Fri, 26 Jun       PUA.Imali
Thu, 18 Jun       Adware.Unico
Thu, 18 Jun       PUA.SwiftPCOptimizer
Mon, 15 Jun       PUA.Driverscanner
Mon, 8 Jun       PUA.AdvSysProtector!g1
Tue, 2 Jun       Adware.PassShow
Mon, 1 Jun       Remacc.Ammyy
Tue, 19 May       PUA.Gamblock

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The Register - Security

China hacks 'everything that doesn't move' says Hilary Clinton (5 July 2015)
Export control laws force student to censor infosec research (3 July 2015)
It’s 2015 and we're being told not to send credit cards as cleartext (3 July 2015)
Mastercard facial recog-ware will unlock your money using SELFIES (3 July 2015)
This box beams cafes' Wi-Fi over 4kms so you can surf in obscurity (3 July 2015)
Houston Astros 'hack' row: St Louis Cardinals fire their chief scout (3 July 2015)
Harvard: Psst, Mr Future President. We just got PWNED by hackers (2 July 2015)
Hacker plunders Plex, demands bitcoin payoff to avert FULL EXPOSURE (2 July 2015)
Protecting users against advanced threats and the human factor (2 July 2015)
FBI updates Most Wanted cyber felons list, offers US$4.2m bounties (2 July 2015) spied on human rights warriors at Amnesty International (2 July 2015)
Privacy watchdog ICO slashes its fines in half (2 July 2015)
LG won't fix malware slinging bloatware update hole (2 July 2015)
20-yr-old Brazilian births 100 banking trojans (2 July 2015)
PeopleSoft p0wnage possible with a day of GPU brute-forcing (2 July 2015)
Trump carded: Wannabe prez's hotels 'ground zero' in banking breach (2 July 2015)
Amazon just wrote a TLS crypto library in only 6,000 lines of C code (1 July 2015)
FBI probe physical intrusions into Californian internet cables (1 July 2015)
In your face, US citizens! Govt can’t save you from corporate eyes (1 July 2015)
A third of iThings open to VPN-hijacking, app-wrecking attacks (1 July 2015)

Encryption's holy grail is getting closer, one way or another (05 Jul 2015)
Zero Day Weekly: Plex ransomed, FBI on California cable-cutting, MasterCard's selfie passwords, BitStamp breach (03 Jul 2015)
Plex forum data held hostage: change your password now (03 Jul 2015)
How to access Wi-Fi anonymously from miles away (02 Jul 2015)
College student tops Brazilian banking malware creator list (02 Jul 2015)
Level 3 acquires DDoS mitigation firm Black Lotus (02 Jul 2015)
Singapore adds 2FA security to e-government services (02 Jul 2015)
MasterCard to trial using selfies as authentication (02 Jul 2015)
Okta upgrades mobile gateway with more security, Apple Watch support (01 Jul 2015)
Want to know if your employees are security savvy? Run your own phishing campaign (01 Jul 2015)
Team GhostShell: Back with a bang and after your data (01 Jul 2015)
Europol ramps up efforts to combat online terrorist propaganda (01 Jul 2015)
Apple patches dozens of security flaws in iOS 8.4, OS X 10.10.4 (01 Jul 2015)
Great user experience leads to great security (01 Jul 2015)
NSA can resume bulk collection of Americans' phone records, says court (30 Jun 2015)
Amazon introduces new open-source TLS implementation 's2n' (30 Jun 2015)
'Personal' Dark Web service removes corporate cyberthreat blindness (30 Jun 2015)
Cisco to buy cybersecurity firm OpenDNS in $635m deal (30 Jun 2015)
An explosion in apps development means security headaches for CIOs (30 Jun 2015)
MIT develops donor 'transplants' for buggy code without access to the source (30 Jun 2015)

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