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Malware Top10:
Thu, 03 Sep       TSPY_SHIZ.MJSU
Tue, 01 Sep       BKDR_EMDIVI.ZJCH-A
Wed, 12 Aug       ANDROIDOS_MSGDOS.A
Thu, 06 Aug       DDOS_TKEY.A
Thu, 06 Aug       ELF_DDOSTK.A
Wed, 05 Aug       RANSOM_CRYPRAAS.SM
Wed, 05 Aug       TROJ_CRYPLOCK.XW
Tue, 28 Jul       BKDR_POISON.TUFW
Tue, 28 Jul       SWF_CVE20155122.A

Latest 10 Virus Alerts:
05 Sep 2015       Troj/VBEE-AB
05 Sep 2015       Troj/Ransom-BHU
05 Sep 2015       Troj/MSIL-EFJ
05 Sep 2015       Troj/JavaDl-XU
05 Sep 2015       Linux/Nekorb-B
05 Sep 2015       Linux/DDoS-BZ
05 Sep 2015       Linux/DDoS-BO
05 Sep 2015       Linux/DDoS-BE
05 Sep 2015       Linux/DDoS-BD
05 Sep 2015       Linux/DDoS-AZ

Latest Adware and PUA:
05 Sep 2015       InstallCore
05 Sep 2015       SpiGot
05 Sep 2015       SoftPulse
05 Sep 2015       Amonetize
04 Sep 2015       Spirit Jailbreak
04 Sep 2015       Bitcoin Miner
02 Sep 2015       MultiPlug
02 Sep 2015       WinDivert
02 Sep 2015       AlphaOmega Keyboard Spy Logger
02 Sep 2015       Agent Bob

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Latest 10 Threats:
Thu, 3 Sep       Packed.Dromedan!gen20
Thu, 3 Sep       W32.Conpilf@mm
Wed, 2 Sep       Trojan.Carberp.D
Mon, 31 Aug       IOS.Keyraider
Tue, 1 Sep       Packed.Dromedan!gen19
Mon, 31 Aug       Trojan.Cryptolocker.AA
Mon, 31 Aug       Downloader.Escelar!gm
Sun, 30 Aug       W32.Ransomlock.AO!inf4
Sat, 29 Aug       Backdoor.Switrex
Fri, 28 Aug       W32.Stackex

Latest 10 Risks:
Wed, 26 Aug       PUA.BabylonToolbar
Thu, 13 Aug       Adware.JollyWallet
Thu, 13 Aug       Adware.CinemaPlus
Thu, 13 Aug       PUA.Instally
Wed, 5 Aug       Adware.MediaGet
Wed, 5 Aug       Spyware.PCBoostrKlog
Thu, 30 Jul       PUA.WebInstall
Thu, 30 Jul       PUA.DLLFilesFixer
Thu, 30 Jul       Adware.TicTa
Wed, 29 Jul       Adware.InstallerSetup

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Internet Storm Center Infocon Status
LinkedIn Sockpuppets Are Targeting Security Researchers (Reddit)
WX policy violation affecting all Windows drivers compiled in Visual Studio 2013 and previous (Reddit)
Providing Value In Your Penetration Test Reports (Reddit)
Popular Belkin Wi-Fi router has numerous security holes (Yahoo Security)
Google patches 29 vulnerabilities in latest Chrome release (ZDNet)
Extorting money from Ashley Madison customers is actually pretty easy (ArsTechnica)
Kicking Tires on DLink'sWi-Fi Enabled Connected Home Solution (IT Toolbox Blogs)
Latvian man pleads guilty in worldwide computer virus case (Yahoo Security)
A question of balance between security solutions and the people who use it (SC Magazine)
Mind-blowing secrets of NSA's security exploit stockpile revealed at last (The Register)
Flaws in OrientDB Expose Databases to Remote Attacks (SecurityWeek)
Zero Day Weekly: Sony settles breach suit, Pwn2Own loses HP, Mac keychain attacks (ZDNet)
China's "Great Cannon" (Schneier blog)
Chrome Updated to Version 45 (September 3, 2015) (SANS Newsbites)
Exclusive: OCR's McGraw on Timing of HIPAA Audits (InfoRiskToday)
Retail Security: Third-Party Interaction (SANS Reading Room)
Snowden: Other People Get Fired and Prosecuted For What Hillary Clinton Did (WIRED)
U.S. Cyber Espionage Sanctions Against China Expected Next Week (Forbes)
A Toure of Bootloading: How to interact with the software loading process (Reddit)
Enpublic Apps: Security Threats Using iOS Enterprise and Developer Certificates by Min Zheng, Hui Xue, Yulong Zhang, Tao Wei, and John C.S. Lui PDF (Reddit)

The Register - Security

Mind-blowing secrets of NSA's security exploit stockpile revealed at last (4 September 2015)
Hackers spent at least a year spying on Mozilla to discover Firefox security holes – and exploit them (4 September 2015)
FTC gives FBI the finger over govt backdoor encryption demands (4 September 2015)
Reg readers select infosec A-Team to save Ashley Madison (4 September 2015)
Unconfirmed PayPal 0day auth flaw lingers after XSS gets fixed (4 September 2015)
Hacker chancer looking for $500,000 after offering Clinton emails for auction (4 September 2015)
Bored Brazilian skiddie claims DDoS against Essex Police (4 September 2015)
Borg bashes destabilising DoS bug in UCS kit (4 September 2015)
NBN vaults Australia into global top-10 … DDoS attack sources (4 September 2015)
Stingray stung: FBI told 'get a warrant' (4 September 2015)
Pwn2Own Tokyo hacking contest trashed, US export rules blamed (3 September 2015)
Ashley Madison hack miscreants may have earned $6,400 from leak (3 September 2015)
Web hosting biz Servint hit by network-toppling DDoS attack (3 September 2015)
Malvertising attack menaces users with tainted love (3 September 2015)
HMRC breaches job applicants' privacy in mass email spaff (3 September 2015)
IoT baby monitors STILL revealing live streams of sleeping kids (3 September 2015)
Greater Manchester plod site targeted by nuisance DDoS attack (3 September 2015)
Websites aimed at kids are slurping too much info, finds report (3 September 2015)
Netflix releases reflected XSS audit tool for biz (3 September 2015)
At LAST: RC4 gets the stake through the heart (3 September 2015)

threat post
Attacker Compromised Mozilla Bug System, Stole Private Vulnerability Data (04 Sep 2015)
Feds Change Policy to Require Warrant for Use of Stingrays (04 Sep 2015)
Threatpost News Wrap, September 4, 2015 (04 Sep 2015)
Citing Wassenaar, HP Pulls out of Mobile Pwn2Own (04 Sep 2015)
Cisco Patches File Overwrite Bug in IMC Supervisor and UCS Director (03 Sep 2015)
New Android Ransomware Communicates over XMPP (03 Sep 2015)
How I Got Here: Window Snyder (03 Sep 2015)
New Versions of Carbanak Banking Malware Seen Hitting Targets in U.S. and Europe (03 Sep 2015)
Netflix Sleepy Puppy Awakens XSS Vulnerabilities in Secondary Applications (02 Sep 2015)
Victims of June OPM Hack Still Havenít Been Notified (02 Sep 2015)

Zero Day Weekly: Sony settles breach suit, Pwn2Own loses HP, Mac keychain attacks (04 Sep 2015)
Security fact or fiction? How to 'sanity check' cybercime news (04 Sep 2015)
Pwn2Own contest becomes victim of cyberweapon restrictions (04 Sep 2015)
Uber 'shared trip' data leaked into Google search results (03 Sep 2015)
How Microsoft's data case could unravel the US tech industry (03 Sep 2015)
Latest security flaw to destroy all business? 'Sanity check' your cybercrime statistics (03 Sep 2015)
Netflix Sleepy Puppy XSS flaw detection tool goes open source (03 Sep 2015)
Google patches 29 vulnerabilities in latest Chrome release (03 Sep 2015)
New security flaws found in popular IoT baby monitors (02 Sep 2015)
The shadiest characters in the world of top-level domains (02 Sep 2015)
Applock riddled with security holes, researcher claims (02 Sep 2015)
IoT malware and ransomware attacks on the incline: Intel Security (02 Sep 2015)
Webroot launches IoT toolkit to protect connected home devices (01 Sep 2015)
Avast, Qualcomm tag team to protect devices at the kernel level (01 Sep 2015)
Modular CoreBot poses severe threat to data protection, privacy (01 Sep 2015)
Samsung connected home fridge becomes weapon in MITM attacks (01 Sep 2015)
NT Police cracks down on crime with facial recognition technology (01 Sep 2015)
Big hacks, big data add up to blackmailer's dream (01 Sep 2015)
Brazil tops cyberattack ranking in LatAm (31 Aug 2015)
iPhone malware KeyRaider stole thousands of Apple logins (31 Aug 2015)

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